Citroen Jumper Minibus Hire

How big can a 9 Seater get? Well, the Citroen Dispatch Combi is as big as a 9 Seater gets. At its core, it’s a van that’s been comfortably converted into a large MPV and, naturally, is spacious enough to carry 9 passengers without compromising the rest of the vehicle’s space. Search for a cheap 9 seater minibus hire deal today.

In fact, it’s recommended not to use or rent this vehicle if you’re not busing about a larger party. Though, if you’re travelling with family on holiday, you’re going to want to rent a bigger vehicle anyway—especially if you’re on the road. Let’s briefly review the Citroen Dispatch Combi 9 Seater.


Spacious and roomy, the Citroen Dispatch Combi – also known as the Citroen Jumper/Jumpy – is a great family vehicle. To express just how roomy this vehicle is, let’s look at the seating.


The seating in this vehicle is situated where a van’s traditional loading bay would reside. Though, the seats themselves are arranged much in the style of a minibus—comfortable, durable and practical enough to carry at least 9 people on a long journey.

There’s a bit of a nuisance with the rear seats. Many people consider them difficult to remove, since you do have to exert some energy removing them in order to create more space in the back. Despite the trouble with the rear seats, the main cabin is very spacious and will make a family feel much more comfortable when on the road for hours on end.

Not only that, it’s also a comfortable, easy ride—the handling feels more like a van, but the robust air-suspension system smooths out the kink that would otherwise make driving a chore.

Verdict ~ Should You Rent The Citroen Jumper 9 Seater?

Bigger is better in this case. The Citroen Dispatch Combi 9 Seater is a winner when it comes to large family vehicle rentals. If you need more space when you’re on a road holiday, go ahead and rent this vehicle if you can find it.