Fiat Scudo 9 Seater Hire

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider a 9 Seater car hire for your next holiday, whether with family, friends or colleagues. Smaller cars are far too constricted to even fathom taking a party of more than 6 on the road. Mid-sized vehicles have size on their side, but it’s not enough, isn’t it? That’s why a 9 Seater will get the job done instead.

A 9 Seater like the Fiat Scudo could end up doing that job for you. It’s a vehicle that shares its chassis with the Peugeot Expert and the Citroen Dispatch, boasting a formidable performance when on the road. But, will it fulfill the space requirements of a holiday trip worthy of a full party? Let’s find out.


Several models of the Fiat Scudo are available—5 body styles, to be more specific. Each vary the overall construction and, notably, height of the vehicle, making it so consumers have a choice on the buyers’ and renters’ market.


That said, the Fiat Scudo comes plenty equipped with space. The 9 seats are all situated comfortably within the main cabin. The dual passenger seat is large enough to seat 3 people, so that should give you an idea about how big this vehicle is. With that, the driver’s seat is height adjustable, along with the steering wheel, making driving much more comfortable for the designated driver.

The Fiat Scudo’s seating is plenty supportive, which makes long drives as comfortable for the passengers as the driver’s seat does for the driver. Some models have optional trim, formidable luxury for those who can afford such perks. There’s also a lot of space in the seating areas; door pockets, a deep glove box and storage bin make up some of the storage fare in the vehicle.

Verdict ~ Should You Rent The Fiat Scudo 9 Seater?

Space and comfort in one vehicle—that’s what you should expect from the Fiat Scudo 9 Seater. With all the 9 Seater options on the market today, selecting the Fiat Scudo is a wise choice. It’s comfortable and spacious, making a suitable rental that you’ll probably come back to after the first time.