Ford Transit 9 Seater Hire

Those planning a holiday should want to rent an appropriate vehicle for the entire family, right?

In that case, you might be interested learning more about the following 9 Seater rental vehicle. A far bigger version of the well known Transit Custom van, the Ford Tourneo Custom represents a ‘transit’ into a carrying van that’s well suited for large parties gone on holiday.


Let’s start with the inside—or, rather, the seating.

The Tourneo ships with 8 individual seats: two up in front, three taking up the middle and three at the rear of the vehicle. If you want an extra seat, just request the 9 Seater if renting; this version of the Ford Tourneo Custom comes with an additional seat at the cost of an extra £100 (estimated).


If you’re worried about the fit, don’t fret. All 9 seats fit quite comfortable within the main cabin. Taller adults will feel at home in the cabin, as the ceiling sits high above the seats, accentuating how large the cabin actually is.

Those concerned about the closeness of the seats will like that each row of seats – even with the ninth seat in place – don’t crowd together. All of the seats have a significant amount of leg room, particularly the middle row. As mentioned, the roof-ceiling hangs high over the seats, providing an ample amount of head room.

It’s also easy to enter and exit the Ford Tourneo Custom. The large sliding doors make slipping out of the tightest spaces easier done. If you’re worried about the rest of the cabin, whether it’d have enough space even with the seats out, you’d be surprised.

Even with the seats rolled out, there’s an ample amount of room remaining for luggage and all sorts of carry-ons. The 922-litre, short-wheelbase model is just as spacious as the hefty 1477-litre, long-wheelbase model.

Verdict ~ Should You Rent The Ford Transit 9 Seater?

If you’re searching for a spacious Ford Transit 9 Seater to rent, the Ford Tourneo Custom is an excellent choice of vehicle. Even with its 9 seats rolled out, all of your patrons will have enough space to stretch out and relax while on the road.