Vauxhall Vivaro 9 Seater Hire

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If you’re planning a family holiday, perhaps the best option for your transportation needs is a minivan.

Minivans are practical and they’re certainly large enough to do the job of busing around a family for a long term holiday. Or, a short term one. Either way, if you’re planning to travel long distances with your family, who not rent a minivan to carry your group around with no space issues?

Vauxhall Opel Vivaro 9 Seater Minibus Rental

The Vauxhall Opel Vivaro is a spacious 9 Seater vehicle that gets that job done. Derived from commercial counterparts, this minivan efficiently buses around large parties of people from place to place. But, will it be your next rental? Let’s learn why it should be.


As a 9 Seater, this minivan has a lot of space. Even though it sports a big interior, you’re still going to have a relatively easy time loading up everyone’s luggage with without wasting any time.

The seats are situated in three rows, seating three people in each row. The front row, in particular, hosts the driver’s seat and two additional seats, the two decidedly made for smaller passengers. All in all, the composition of the seats will make for rather interesting seating arrangements among your family.


Behind the back row of seats is enough space to keep everyone’s luggage without slipping them in the nooks of each row. The load area there is a bit narrower than other minivans, but it still provides enough good space. You can still use the spaces underneath each seat row as additional space—soft bags and small, flat boxes fit nicely there.

Opel 9 Seater Car Rental

It’s a bit of a tight fit at first, but the Vauxhall Opel Vivaro is a formidable rental minivan for families on the go. Or, in this case, on a holiday. If you’re able to rent this minivan at a good price, there’s no reason not to try it out should you feel strongly about the vehicle.