VW Transporter Minibus Hire

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VW Minibus Hire

A large family vehicle that features the best of a car, a van and a minibus? Where can you go rent that? Apparently everywhere. The next vehicle we’re going to have a look at possesses qualities expected of a quality rental vehicle, particularly one suited for busing around a family on holiday.

The VW Transporter Shuttle is that vehicle. They’re trendy, they’re veterans to the market (so, they’re relatively inexpensive to rent) and they’re somewhat of a ‘campervan’ to those looking for a big enough vehicle for their family holidays. Let’s take a closer look at why that’s so.


Although sold as an 8 Seater, the VW Transporter Shuttle is best known for its spacious 9 Seater model.  We provide cheap 9 seater car hire deals. Search for a quote.

All of the seats can be folded down or, if you’d like, removed completely from the main cabin. If you’re worried about the space, these seats can be moved aside to allow more space within the car’s interior, allowing luggage and other things to be kept inside with no issues whatsoever.

What also makes this vehicle easy to use is its large sliding doors. The doors provide easy access to tight spots, particularly if you’re parked in an area where space is decidedly too restricted. And, if you’re concerned about operating the doors themselves, there’s the option of electronically powering those same doors to make going in and out of the vehicle even more convenient for the entire family.

VW Transporter Rental

The VW Transporter Shuttle also comes with ample amenities, depending on the model you choose to rent.


The Basic model comes with a standard radio and CD player; in ‘upgraded models,’ they’ll include optional extras, including CD changers, Bluetooth connectivity, digital radio, video control, a satellite navigation system and a 30GB hard drive to save the vehicle’s important data when on the go.

VW 9 Seater Minibus Hire

There’s a reason why you’ll see iterations of the VW Transporter Shuttle at various airports, taxi companies and other highly populated areas around the world. It makes an incredibly formidable travel van for an entire party. Or, a family on holiday, in this case.

Go ahead and rent this one for your next family holiday—just don’t forget to include the amenities, too.